Baby Showers Themes And Other Advice For The Planner

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Baby showers themes are sometimes categorized according to whether the couple is expecting a boy or a girl. But there are plenty of "unisex" themes to choose from. The planner's goal is to keep the guests entertained and let the mother-to-be have some fun. Here are some suggestions from experienced planners.

While planning a shower might not be as time-consuming as planning a wedding or other major social function, it does take some thought and effort to plan a successful event. As you consider the suggestions mentioned here, remember to consider what the mom-to-be likes. If you have been chosen to do the planning, you probably know her well.

Choosing a theme will help you with decorating. It's something like planning a kid's party. The theme will be present on the invitations, banners, plates, napkins and other accessories. It should help you choose a cake, as well.

Some theme-based sets include a game book. The books are very helpful, especially for inexperienced planners who might not know how to play "pass the string." Games are an expected part of all showers. The winners should receive a gift. Allowing guests to compete for a gift can be an alternative to buying gift bags for all attendants.

Some of the themes for baby shower parties are bright and complex. Others are simple and subdued. Here's where you want to think about what the mom-to-be would like. It is actually her party.

Another option is to choose a theme to tie in with the nursery decor. If a decor has been chosen or there are specific gifts that the parents will need, you can include information about those things on the invitations.

Some moms would like the "tie-dye fun" theme, because it is different. No cute cartoon characters or pastel colors. Everything is peace signs and smiley faces. A "dad-to-be tie" is included in this particular selection, as it is in some of the other themes for baby shower parties.

While dads and husbands traditionally stayed away from these parties, they are starting to become more involved. If you know that the dad-to-be will be attending, be sure to invite husbands and some of his friends to make sure he has a good time, too.

Other than cake, the traditional shower foods are nuts, mints, chips and sodas. Many parents-to-be are more health-oriented, so you might want to choose some healthier menu items. Health foods would go particularly well with the tie-dye baby showers themes.